Letter to Santa

Katie wrote the sweetest letter to Santa

And inside the envelope she added one more question


“Can Elvs have diabetes?”

Santa left a very nice response



Today is our Church’s Sausage Supper.  It’s from Noon till 6pm.

Our sausage was homemade this Friday!

It’s hickory smoked! (I’ve been smelling its smoky goodness since Friday!)

It’s all you can eat!  

$10 for adults!

$5 for kids!


For carryouts come to the church at 

4795 N Hwy 94

St. Charles, MO 63301


For dine in go to Trinity Lutheran School

4689 N Hwy 94

St. Charles, MO 63301

Under age 5 free!

Come on down!


finishing things

I just finished a video that I can’t really talk about until it is posted.  But I can say this.  It is delightfully cheese and perfectly nerdy and I cried because I think we did a really good job and fans will be pleased.  I really can’t wait to share it 🙂

Glide Through Bridal Cave

I had such a super time filming the Zelda Medley video for STL Ocarina. We don’t have any deserts in Missouri where we could film a Gerudo Valley scene, so we found a cave where we could capture the feeling of the tunnels in the dungeons of Gerudo Valley. Bridal Cave in Lake of the Ozarks was a perfect place. Once we were done filming Lena performing as Zelda, I thought it would be fun to take my glidecam through the rest of the cave. Susie stayed right next to me with an icelight so we could see where we were going. You can tell by the end of the cave I was EXHAUSTED but I didn’t want to stop, so I just started going faster and faster. I took out the original audio because it was mostly me humming Zelda music and then heaving panting…
I would like to that Joey Switzer and Mark Wiemers from Switzerfilm for teaching me how to use the glidecam. This was my first video using it and I couldn’t have done it without them.
I also couldn’t have filmed this without Jerry Ghionis’ Icelight. Really cool lighting tool.

Equipment Used:
Canon 5D Mark III
14mm Lens

Music provided through Songfreedom.com
“Love Wants Us To Win”
Performed by the Candlepark Stars

Question for my readers- what is your favorite cave??


ImageI’m a huge video game fan.  I wouldn’t say I’m a “gamer” because I’ve only actually played 2 video games: Final Fantasy VIII and Harvest Moon.  But, I have consumer hours and hours of video game enjoyment through my dad, my husband, and my children.

One of my earliest memories as a child is cheer my dad on as we found our ways through the mazes on the first Legend of Zelda game.  I was terrified of the monsters that would creep out of the water and blast fireballs at you.

Now my children get the same joy watching my husband conquer evil Gannondorf. 🙂 Circle of Life and all that.

So when the opportunity came up to photograph some product shots for local company STL Ocarina, I was GIDDY!  I pushed myself to take pictures that gamers would love.

Fast forward even farther and I got the opportunity to photograph a very talented musician for her album cover.  While we were shooting I recorded some of her playing a song from the album with my Canon 5D Mark iii.  What happened next I could not have predicted.

STL Ocarina asked me to produce a music video from Lena’s newest album.  I was so excited!!  The song was titled “Defiant” and the word itself reminded me of Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey.  So I suggested we film it at Magic Chef Mansion in St. Louis.  We collaborated on a story of two women sharing an ocarina over time.  The house is a 1908 era home with awesome furnishings, so it was an awesome place to film.  Here is a link to that video:

The next project was one that I was so very excited for- a ZELDA video 🙂


My timer went off, so I have to stop blogging, but here is a link to the Zelda video.  A big thank you to my sister Susie Porisch who helped story board this. And Amy Koehler who does amazing makeup!!

I feel like I could write for 2 more hours about all the thought and details that went into the Zelda video- maybe another day 🙂

Things I’d like to blog about

I hope making a list of things you would like to blog about counts as an attempt at blogging….

1. the behind the scenes of the video shoot for STL Ocarina’s Defiant video

2. Ashley and Dustin’s Wedding

3. How to take cool photos of pumpkins

4. How to take better iPhone photos of food

5. Katie’s 6 months of diabetes

6. My 6 month struggle with extreme anxiety

7. The awesomeness of the online diabetes community

8. JDRF walk

9.  All the cover shoots and magazine things I’ve been working on

10. Wyatt

11. Toby

12. Brendan being funny

13. Katie being crafty

14. Jason being my hero

15. Chapel videos past and present

16. Botanical Garden trips

17. Excitement over the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

18. Kelsey and Josh’s wedding

19. How awesome it is to meet and work other local wedding/photography people like Jordan Brittley

20. How long can I wear fan tshirts and not be totally silly

21.  My inability to read Casual Vacancy

22. My excitement over Percy Jackson

23. How much I love video games and miss playing them

24.  Trinity’s 150th Anniversary

… These are things that are on my mind… I’m pretty terrible at writing, but super good at making lists…. 🙂

20 minutes of blogging

So things have been pretty crazy and busy around here.  Really, who am I kidding, I’m always pretty crazy and busy.  Blogging is tricky for me because I feel like I don’t want to leave anything out, so then I never start… perfectionism I guess.  So I set my timer and I’m going to just share some thoughts for 20 minutes.

Brendan’s Surgery.  Or should I say procedure!  I’ve been calling it a procedure cause I think that’s less scary. Two weeks ago I was giving Bman a bath and I noticed this huge bump on the back of his ear.  Jason was totally freaked out- I was freaked out too- but I figured if it wasn’t hurting him, then I wouldn’t be too concerned.  Jason took him to the doctor the next day because I was taking a 2 day workshop with the awesome folks at Switzerfilm.  Jason called during the seminar to let me know Brendan had a “dermoid cyst” nothing too scary, but needed to be removed by surgery.  This was getting scary!  

We had the surgery scheduled for Monday at Frontenac Surgery Center.  It was a pretty good experience overall.  Image

hanging out in the lobby before the surgery

Imageplaying with Mr. Potato Head stickers while we waited.  Blanket made by aunt Lizzy.  Tiger from Aunt Susie.

He had to be completely put under for the surgery.  IV, Breathing Tube, the whole deal…  Jason and I had a little melt down after they took him away because his weight was a little down.  I’m constantly looking for signs that Brendan might have diabetes like his sister and weight loss is a huge red flag.  I tearfully asked the lady at the front desk if they could test Brendan’s blood sugar.  I’m pretty sure she thought I was crazy.  I was trying to calm down when I spotted this sign:

ImageThe TRIFORCE!!  I’m a pretty big Zelda fan… the triforce made me smile and helped calm my nerves.  I would need it because soon the Doctor came out to tell us how everything was going.  At the same moment Jason’s phone rang and he answered it.  He is not a complete idiot, so I knew there was something serious happening on the phone.  I stopped the doctor talking to find out what: Katie forgot her insulin bag in Jason’s car.  Luckily we live super close to school.  Jason walked our school nurse through how to find her bag so that Katie would be able to eat lunch at school. Surgery went great. Time to wait for Brendan to wake up.

I thought I would be all better at dealing with hospital stuff.  I kinda conquered that fear while Katie was in the hospital. But no, I totally almost passed out when they brought Brendan in.  Blood pounded in my ears and I had to hold onto the rail to steady myself.  I really wanted to be standing there when Brendan woke up, so I forced myself to be calm and look cool.  I don’t think I convinced Jason… 🙂

Brendan took his time waking up.  When it finally happened, he was ANGRY!!!  Like Hulk angry.  He did not want the IV in his hand and started thrusting his fists into the air.  That’s when my son punched me right in the face.  Classic.  Jason got the giggles, because Brendan was so furious and was trashing around and growling.  I sat down so I wouldn’t loose it anymore.  He was in some pain, so they gave him some heavy pain meds and then he was fine.  He had two popsicles and was ready to go.



He really wanted Little Caesars for lunch so we stopped for a Hot and Ready Pepperoni Pizza with Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce.  I was in the back of the car with Brendan, we were going to wait while Jason got the Pizza.  In his medicated state, Brendan though he really need to go in there with dad, lest he forget to grab a balloon with the bag of cookies.  So in a swift movement, Brendan unbuckled his seat belt, tried to undo his wrap and opened his car door.  I hung up the phone on my mom and ran to the other side of the car to catch him as he fell out the back.  He didn’t loose any momentum, he wobbled to the door and then ran inside and with both hands grabbed an orange balloon.  He sat down on the chair with the biggest smile on his face and I just had to laugh.  

ImageHe is going great.  I’m still catching up.  

That’s my 20 minutes.