Let’s give this another try

Why in the world am I starting a blog again!?  Some of you might remember my earlier days when I have a very snazzy iWeb blog that I used to update people about my business.  It was a very heavy burden for me because I wanted my writing to be very professional and that really held me back from expressing myself in an authentic way.  So I let the blog die… iWeb died anyway, so I just let go of the blog and turned my attention to facebook.  So why now?

Two main reasons:

#1.  I’m pointing my finger at you Hannah Tantillo.

Image  I met Hannah over a year ago when Katie’s violin teacher took a few weeks off for maternity leave.  The kids loved her, Brendan called her the funny Miss Hannah.  I don’t think we had a single session where Katie burst into fits of giggles.  Well, Hannah was engaged and looking for a wedding photographer.  This would have all been normal except that Hannah’s fiance Chris plays viola for the St. Louis Symphony.  NERD ALERT!  I am a nerd about many things- but at the top of that list is classical music and the Symphony.  Jason and I have really enjoyed being subscribers to the SLSO and to photograph a musician’s wedding?  I was super duper excited.  Well, funny Miss Hannah was also a Blogger and a Twitter user.  My first bride who really used social media with the same gusto as I do! So I feel like we really bonded and she kept telling me I should get back into blogging.  So here I am.

#2.  STL Food Media Forum.

ImageThis past weekend I was fortunate to snag some last minute tickets via twitter to the sold out weekend forum at Moulin Events.  It was a great time.  Jason went to the Saturday Session and I was able to go to the Sunday photography focused session.  I was really excite to meet Jonathan Pollack, I’ve been a fan of his food photography for a long time.  I just really love networking and I love the idea of connecting with local bloggers and businesses.  So with new training under my belt, I look forward to starting the journey with a fresh drive.


So here we go… First official post complete.  More to come…. Especially since I have a super secret project I can’t wait to unveil… I’ll give you a hint I have to “keep it secret, keep it safe”


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