Back to School Night

I just got home from back to school night.  How can that be!?  This summer was a busy one for sure.  I am going to be a mess on the first day of school this year.  Brendan will be joining his sister Katie in school.  What am I going to do all day!  Well, I will be taking a lot more photos.  I have always limited my hours and sessions because I wanted to be at home with my kids before they went to school.  Now that they are both going to be in the classroom all day I am excited for the new adventures I’ll be having.  Deep down inside, I’m afraid I’ll be really lonely…

We started a tradition of taking sunset photos of all the kids jumping in the air.  We did it again this year.  Right before we got into the car I asked my two kids if they would let me take one more (read: Several More) picture of the two of them.  Brendan was being a little difficult, so I told him that if he was a good boy, I would let him take the dirty plastic cup (that he had been using to catch frogs with) home.  So he humored me and I was able to get this image of my sweet babies.  I think I will treasure it forever.


As the first day of school approaches, I look forward to seeing all the “first day of school” photos in my facebook feed.

Which leads me to this question:

What was/is your “Back To School” photo tradition?

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