Mr. Wyatt

My sister had her baby and I’m in love!Image

He really took his time getting here, I’ve been jumping at my phone for over 3 weeks.  He was born on Monday and I’m so excited.  I was able to be at the birth.  That was so cool.  I put a video together for my sister, don’t worry, it’s G rated:

The Little Guy: Wyatt is born

The kids got to meet him on Tuesday.

Brendan thought he was so cute! Image

Katie’s face just melted when she saw him.  It was a precious moment to witness the cousins meeting for the first time 🙂


I had a really fun newborn session on Tuesday 🙂  So excited to be able to capture this sweet smile by the 6 day old baby boy


Babies EVERYWHERE!  My world is full of smiles 🙂

Have a lovely day!!

2 thoughts on “Mr. Wyatt

  1. Beautiful work capturing the emotions Sarah. I love your pictures, they make me want to kiss those little angel babies! Congrats to you Auntie Sarah! xo

    • Thank you for calling me “Auntie Sarah” and not “Aunt Sara” because there is a horrible Disney character with that name in the Lady and the Tramp. I hate that woman and her awful siamese cats 🙂

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