Video Fun

I got into photography because I really love video… Not sure if that makes complete sense but it is true. Telling stories with my camcorder as a kid growing up was my #1 pastime. I wrote scripts, made comedy sketches and even music videos. Being involved in my high school youth ministry fuel this even more. We would create elaborate videos to be shown at quarterly gatherings. I found one gem on youtube that somehow has over 6,000 hits!? We did a parody of Rescue 911. Enjoy my awesome sweater and frizzy hair below.

Yes the quality of acting and production is, in my opinion, top notch. 🙂

Things have improved so much, I’m SO excited to be doing more video. A few months ago I asked my friend Hannah Frey Tantillo to help me practice recording music. I”m so pleased with the results. I think you be able to see a big jump in quality

Today I am finishing up a two day workshop with the AMAZING Switzerfilm team. I’ve learned a lot and made some new friends. I can’t wait to do more with video!

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