Things I’d like to blog about

I hope making a list of things you would like to blog about counts as an attempt at blogging….

1. the behind the scenes of the video shoot for STL Ocarina’s Defiant video

2. Ashley and Dustin’s Wedding

3. How to take cool photos of pumpkins

4. How to take better iPhone photos of food

5. Katie’s 6 months of diabetes

6. My 6 month struggle with extreme anxiety

7. The awesomeness of the online diabetes community

8. JDRF walk

9.  All the cover shoots and magazine things I’ve been working on

10. Wyatt

11. Toby

12. Brendan being funny

13. Katie being crafty

14. Jason being my hero

15. Chapel videos past and present

16. Botanical Garden trips

17. Excitement over the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

18. Kelsey and Josh’s wedding

19. How awesome it is to meet and work other local wedding/photography people like Jordan Brittley

20. How long can I wear fan tshirts and not be totally silly

21.  My inability to read Casual Vacancy

22. My excitement over Percy Jackson

23. How much I love video games and miss playing them

24.  Trinity’s 150th Anniversary

… These are things that are on my mind… I’m pretty terrible at writing, but super good at making lists…. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Things I’d like to blog about

  1. I think this counts as blogging. And I look forward to reading a few of those posts 😉

    Don’t stress about the Casual Vacancy. I liked it a lot, but I can totally see how it isn’t your thing! You’re not missing something spectacular.

    • I feel caught in a paradox. I want to read it because I like JKR so much, but then I think if I do I won’t like JKR very much. I think I found a solution. I bought it, tried to read it, and will probably give it away to someone who would like it. Is that a paradox or a quandary?

      • I think you’re overthinking it! I finished it last night. It’s one of those things…life is sometimes really fun and magical and wonderful and full of fun, and then other times life is totally boring and mundane and seems pointless. Other times life totally sucks. I like books that cover it all, and for me, knowing that JKR is capable of more is magical to me! BUT it’s not a great book. It’s a good book, and it’s gritty and very “adult” in every dirty sense of the word. I wouldn’t recommend it to my mother.

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