ImageI’m a huge video game fan.  I wouldn’t say I’m a “gamer” because I’ve only actually played 2 video games: Final Fantasy VIII and Harvest Moon.  But, I have consumer hours and hours of video game enjoyment through my dad, my husband, and my children.

One of my earliest memories as a child is cheer my dad on as we found our ways through the mazes on the first Legend of Zelda game.  I was terrified of the monsters that would creep out of the water and blast fireballs at you.

Now my children get the same joy watching my husband conquer evil Gannondorf. 🙂 Circle of Life and all that.

So when the opportunity came up to photograph some product shots for local company STL Ocarina, I was GIDDY!  I pushed myself to take pictures that gamers would love.

Fast forward even farther and I got the opportunity to photograph a very talented musician for her album cover.  While we were shooting I recorded some of her playing a song from the album with my Canon 5D Mark iii.  What happened next I could not have predicted.

STL Ocarina asked me to produce a music video from Lena’s newest album.  I was so excited!!  The song was titled “Defiant” and the word itself reminded me of Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey.  So I suggested we film it at Magic Chef Mansion in St. Louis.  We collaborated on a story of two women sharing an ocarina over time.  The house is a 1908 era home with awesome furnishings, so it was an awesome place to film.  Here is a link to that video:

The next project was one that I was so very excited for- a ZELDA video 🙂


My timer went off, so I have to stop blogging, but here is a link to the Zelda video.  A big thank you to my sister Susie Porisch who helped story board this. And Amy Koehler who does amazing makeup!!

I feel like I could write for 2 more hours about all the thought and details that went into the Zelda video- maybe another day 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ocarina

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I came to your blog tonight to thank you for all your support on my own blog, and then I found this article. I’m a huge rennie, and a photographer too, and I just posted this article to all my hundreds of rennie friends. Hopefully you’ll see a spike in traffic. I do a photoshop technique that I call Medieval Photo Alchemy. I’ll try to find a way to send you a private message with a link to my transformation videos of that technique. Oh! Thanks for supporting Rich the Diabetic too!

    • I watched your video this morning! I love faires- so much fun. We have a pirate fest in St. Louis which is also fun. Thanks so much for sharing the video, did you happen to see the Arwen Evenstar video? I’ve enjoyed your blog a lot. Made me realize that Katie needs to drink a lot more water when she is having high blood sugar and that not drinking enough water can cause high BGs.
      Thanks so much for sharing and keep encouraging others!!

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